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  • Flat & Shallow Clay Hookah Bowl


    Flat & Shallow Clay Hookah Bowl Buy Flat & Shallow Clay Hookah Bowl Online UK. This Italian Clay Bowl is a great handmade shallow bowl. Very traditional feel without glaze and cleaner than Egyptian clay bowls. Holds about 15-20 grams. Buy hookah online, shisha for sale, buy shisha near me, buy hookah near me.

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  • Gemini UK Hookah Bowl


    Gemini UK Hookah Bowl Buy Gemini UK Hookah Bowl Online UK. Gemini is the first hookah bowl in the world that works by Lateral Heating. It is a True Heat Management Device, a Flavor Booster, and a Tobacco Saving. Gemini hookah bowl price, Gemini hookah heater, Gemini hookah bowl extended package.

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