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  • NarBeast Washable UK Hookah Hose


    NarBeast Washable UK Hookah Hose Buy NarBeast Washable UK Hookah Hose Online. The NarBeast is very similar to the Narbish washable hookah hose; only in more beast mode. The NarBeast has a longer handle and is 72 inches long. The real improvement comes with the diameter of this hose, which is over an inch. More …

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  • The Knurl Hose v2


    The Knurl Hose v2 Buy The Knurl Hose v2 Online UK. The Knurl Hose is finally here, after much R&D and R&D. This hose weighs 2 lbs fully assembled and is 75 inches long. The handle alone is 15 inches and weighs 1.45 lbs. This is the full setup, including handle, silicon hose, and hose …

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