Trifecta Dark UK Shisha- 250g


Trifecta Dark UK Shisha- 250g

Buy Trifecta Dark Shisha- 250g Online UK. Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha Tobacco 250g. Trifecta Tobacco is American-made shisha, with a new blend of smooth and sweet tobacco leaves. Best trifecta flavors, trifecta blonde flavours, trifecta 100g, hookah flavour. Trifecta hookah shisha is made with traditional methods first used in the Middle East. This shisha consists of raw leaves mixed with dark sugar cane molasses


Apple Pie, BDH, Cherry Plum, Concord Grape, Cool Cinnamon Gum, Death by Ice, Deja-Dew, Durty Mint, Earl Grey, Grapefruit, Hipster Mint, Indian Kheer, Lavender Mint, Pineapple, Raspberry, Peppermint Shake, Manzanas


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