Zumerret UK Blue Shisha – 250g


Zumerret UK Blue Shisha – 250g

Buy Zumerret UK Blue Shisha – 250g Online. Zumerret is a precious gemstone. Originally discovered in Asia in the early 1800s, stories were told that people who had any interaction with the Zumerret pearl were under a sensational spell that made food taste different drinks felt like the heavens drop, which made this Zumerret pearl a rare commodity.

If you like hookah, you deserve to taste the luxury. And luxury comes with Zumerret. We produce exclusive flavors that will make you feel much better compared to other hookah tobacco brands.


Blueberry, California Surf, Cappuccino, Citrus Mint, Citrus Mix, Fuchsia, Grape, Green Lemon, Gum, Limoncello, Misty Blend, Peach, Red Gummy Bear


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